Jun 07

Where To Go When Staying In A Fareham Hotel

Titchfield Abbey was built in the thirteenth century and was then converted into a grand mansion for the Earl of Southampton. The house has Elizabethan connections and it is claimed that it was the first place that some of Shakespeares plays were performed. Entry to the Abbey is free.

To find out more about Fareham and the local area, visit Westbury Manor Museum. This museum was opened in 1990 and it uses graphics and models, photographs and sound effects to produce a stunning story of the area.

Fareham is a market town and the town centre is pedestrianised and surrounded by medieval architecture. Markets are still a feature of this town, and on Mondays you can find the traditional open air market. There is a regular Farmers Market with local produce and regular specialist markets throughout the year. For regular shopping there is an undercover shopping centre where you can find all the high street names. Market Quay is a new development with shopping and a cinema, mixing retail and leisure. Speciality shopping can be found in West Street where independently owned shops offer different types of products.

The great outdoors can be accessed from a hotel in Fareham quite easily. Close by is the Titchfield Nature Reserve – nationally renowned for its breeding pairs of rare avocets and other water birds – where you can enjoy unspoilt views and walk the network of paths which meander through the centre. Or you can visit Holly Hill Woodland Park with its unique landscape of waterfalls and lakes which culminate in a grotto in Winnards Copse contrasting with Cawtes Copse and its natural woodland.

When in a hotel in Fareham, you are close enough to Portsmouth to visit the historic Docks. Here at the home of the Royal Navy you can visit the world famous ships and go aboard HMS Victory, and HMS Warrior, part of Britains naval tradition. Not to be missed is the Mary Rose Museum. Sixty million people watched the Mary Rose being resurrected from the harbour and now you can have a closer look at some of the many historic items restored from the wreck. For a Royal Navy experience visit Action Stations and enjoy a mixture of physical challenges and simulators, where you can try your hand at flying a helicopter or commanding a warship. Afterwards you can take a tour of the docks and enjoy eating and drinking on the dockside to complete your experience.

Staying in hotels in Fareham means that you can visit the area of Fareham itself as well as travelling to Portsmouth or Southampton. It is the perfect location in which to explore the area.


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