Jun 12

Ucontrol Pty Ltd Australia Paves the Way forward with Innovative Digital Panel Meter Technology

It is a fact, with the popularity of HMI s for industrial indication of process variables & the continuing reduction in price of these products the market share for the traditional digital panel meter has decreased. Despite this, since more manufacturers are choosing to accurately indicate their processes with some type of digital display, their demand is still growing & there are certain applications where the digital panel meter or programmable meter will always be the best solution.

Why? Well there is no specialist software programming involved, no software licences to be purchased, and ideal if there is limited panel space, no complex engineering for tasks such as custom linearization’s & maths functions, easy recalibration and is cost effective for small quantities.

Most high quality designed digital panel meters are designed in a modular format so options of alarm relays, analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission or ModBUS RTU serial communications can be retrofitted via a plug in card. This is great for the user or distributor since one base model number is held for stock or spares. Ucontrol in Australia are distributors of the STR550 digital panel meter. A different approach to the design has been taken with this programmable meter, all the various options of analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission, ModBUS RTU serial communications, relay alarm outputs & digital input have been built in as standard & are switched off in default mode. Mass producing one model number keeps the price of those options to a minimum. Other software options popular in higher level digital panel meters such as user linearization for horizontal cylindrical tanks, square root extraction etc has been included & can also be enabled if required.

There are plenty of other standout features of this pioneering digital panel meter. It can display your process as a numeric & bargraph, a numeric only format in horizontal or vertical orientation. Then can be programmed to display up to 7 different backlight display colours, based on different process thresholds, being a backlit LCD design, the display is can be viewed in well lit enviroments. Technically the specification of the STR550 digital panel meter is as impressive as its innovative features. The PSU is a wide ranging is 24 – 230V AC/DC and there is 12 VDC transmitter power for powering 2 wire sensors with a 4-20mA output. There are 19 programmable sensor types including thermocouple, type K, J, N, R, S, T, RTD sensors PT100, PT1000, current 4-20 mA or voltage 0-10V, resistance, NTC & PTC thermistors millivolts etc. The bezel is a standard format 96 x 48 mm 1/8 DIN. For full specification of this pioneering digital panel meter and more information on our other types of programmable meter including loop powered panel meters please visit at Ucontrol.

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