Mar 27

Sydney’s Australia Day Speaker Is Controversial To Say The Least

Sydney each year enjoys and celebrates its discovery. This anniversary event is one of the biggest celebration gigs on the calender and is the best excuse to become festive and enjoy the many festivals and events that commemorate this epic event. Anything and everything that is in any way connected to Australia is observed including the controversy of the keynote speaker that is chosen for the Australia Day speech.

It is an honored tradition as such to get to speak at this event. Of course, this is an honor that for all intensive purposes is always given to an Australian but this year there is some controversy surrounding the council’s selection of key note speaker Michael Parkinson, a non-Australian born British talk show host.

The two sides of the controversy have weighted in on their opinions. The speech about Australia should be by someone who is a native Australian and never should be an outsider who knows very little or nothing about the history of the area or is only a part time non citizen resident. The popularity of Michael Parkinson is undisputed. The decision to honor this renowned world famous talk show host is final and if it is allowed to proceed, could be the open door for anyone famous or infamous to receive the invitation as an honored speaker in the coming years, thus changing this time honored tradition forever.

Many feel that this event is one that is based on Australian culture and the high honor of Australia Day keynote speaker should only be held by someone who hails from this region. In the past this honor has been held by such important Australian figures such as Dr. Tim Flannery a famous environmentalist and musician and politician Peter Garrett. The counsel however, is unwavering in its decision despite some public controversy on the subject.

Everything that is Sydney Australia with all the highlights that are uniquely Sydney Australia is what Australia Day is all about and will happen despite the controversy that is currently brewing. The fence is the current location of the split opinions about Michael Parkinson’s as the choice to deliver the speech. While most of the attendees will listen to what he will say about Australia, which he says is his current home. The Australian festivals will continue to the end of January in celebration of everything Aussie.

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