Jun 04

Reasons To Stay At Privilege Aluxes Hotel

Mexicowhats the first thing that comes into your mind? Surely, youll never miss out the beaches. Indeed, the weather, the sun-kissed beaches, and even the hunks and sexy ladies that party day and night are enough reasons to head there. Fortunately, you also have a good choice for your accommodation Privilege Aluxes Hotel.

Where Is It?

Also known as Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres, Privilege Aluxes Hotel is currently found just across the seashore of the main Cancun island, in Isla Mujeres. It is surrounded by captivating shorelines and blue seas. Its weather is reported to never go below 80 degrees, though it tends to go higher during the summer season. The rains sometimes fall, but the waters dont have enough power to destroy the image Isla Mujeres hasthat is, the ultimate beach destination for anyone.

Privilege Aluxes Hotel or Privilege Aluxes Isla also offers wide variety of amenities for comfort, convenience, and a taste of luxury for any discerning traveller. For one, there are more than 120 gorgeous Privilege Aluxes rooms to choose from. They are situated all over the five floors, each of them reached through the use of elevators.

Rooms are well equipped. It has a mini bar, which is refilled every day. Suites possess individual living rooms and entertainment facilities such as 32-inch colored LCD TV and a player for CDs and DVDs.

Of course, you will never get to enjoy Privilege Aluxes Hotel unless you go out. The good news is that it provides you with a lot more. For one, it gives you one of the best sea views in Mexico. You will definitely love to wake up every morning breathing cool air and seeing the breathtaking sceneries of the beaches and nearby islands.

Stepping out, you can just lie down on the white-sand beaches, which also became a favorite venue for those who are in town for Privilege Aluxes weddings. If you dont like to get too tan, you can opt for any of the two swimming pools located outdoors. Dont forget to dine in two of the Privilege Aluxes restaurants with palatable menus, such as Caf del Mar. You can also battle hunger by going to the pool bar, which serves both lunches and snacks.

Are you in town for a business trip? You can still stay at Privilege Aluxes Hotel. They also have several options for conference rooms complete with the facilities you need, like projectors, boards, and a huge hall that can accommodate hundreds of people.

For your unwinding, you can go to the lobby and enjoy the free WiFi or Internet connection. This is also where you can do the rest of your business transactions, such as phone calls and e-mails. You can also get rid of excess pounds through its fitness center or listen to great music in the lounge bar.

So just in case you find yourself think of Mexico and the beach, remember Privilege Aluxes Hotel too.


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