Oct 14

Phuket Hotel Reviews Ways To Identify A Fake

Most frequent travelers encounter the problem of unreliable hotel reviews. The same hotel described in fancy language manages to evoke a reaction to the other extreme when seen. Phuket is no different from any other holiday destination in this regard. Here are a few guidelines to identify fake Phuket hotel reviews.

It is not difficult to identify fake Phuket hotel reviews, if you know how to look for one. The method to be adopted is different for facilities and services. While facilities at Phuket hotels are aimed at catering to international guests, should confirm to world hotel standards. However, service is an altogether different matter, as it is viewed with diverse perspectives in East and West.

While looking for facilities, if a website offers reviews of various hotels with favorable review for only one, then the chances are high that it is a fake. Many websites do this to promote a particular hotel. One way to double-check the authenticity of the review is to try a few other websites for the same hotel. The chances of fake reviews appearing in an array of sites are very slim.

When it comes to service offered by a hotel, the expectation of tourists from various parts of the world are different. For a tourist from the West, where service can be generalized as unpleasant, Thais exemplary hospitality will be a welcome change. It is very common to find the US and UK guest reviews praising the Phuket hotel service sky-high. And, there is no reason to suspect them.

Even when paid peanuts for their service compared to western standards, those in the hotel service sector do their best to please visitors. And, to the amazement of guests, they even refuse tips for their excellent service. For travelers from the West, this is unimaginable.

Delve a bit deeper to identify the genuine ones among Phuket hotel reviews.


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