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How to Find the Best Cheap Hotels

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to the heart of London or you’re heading to the countryside to stay in a rural establishment, you can enjoy great accommodation on a shoestring budget if you know what to look for.

One of the best ways to ensure you find a cheap hotel within your budget is to stay away from luxurious five star hotels. There are so many great hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses throughout the world that offer budget accommodation to suit every travel budget. If you’re looking for five star luxury with all the facilities and services, then expect to pay for it.

Affordable accommodation doesn’t mean you have to stay in a hostel, three star hotels are widely available offering you a comfortable bed with tea and coffee making facilities, en-suite bathroom and colour television.

Always compare prices in the area you want to visit. There is no point relying on one single cheap hotel to offer you the best deal. Use online booking sites and comparison sites to find the best latest deals. If you’re visiting a seaside location, you can pay slightly less by choosing accommodation a short walk from the beach, rather than on the beachfront itself.

Be flexible about your travel dates. This can help you tremendously in finding the best prices available. Many cheap hotels will drop their prices during the week and out of season in order to fill the rooms. Any establishment can run at one hundred percent occupancy on weekends and during summer break, but during the week or out of summer holidays, they can run at fifty percent of less. In order to fill the rooms and bring in cash, they reduce their room rates.

Keep an eye on the internet. Often cheap hotels will offer special promotions and offers that you

Jun 01

How Condo Hotel Rental Revenue Is Split

The exact terms of the revenue split vary from development. However, when its all said and done, it doesnt really matter what the revenue split is. All that matters is what your cash flow looks like at the end of the month. Of paramount importance is whether your cash flow is breaking even or at least making financial sense each month.

Some developments will provide owners with a 50% revenue split, but because the average nightly rates and average occupancy are so low, the property will cash flow negatively each month. On the other hand, another condo hotel might only provide the owner with a 35% rental revenue split, but that owner might end up being cash flow positive, because the hotels average nightly rate and yearly occupancy are exceptionally high. So, dont ever put too much stock into what the rental revenue split is. The terms of the split dont affect your bottom line each month.

As previously stated, most condo hotel rental management companies will provide the owner of a condo hotel with a split in the range of 40% – 50%. Its not uncommon to find the higher end luxury hotel brands lowering that split to 35%. But again, dont think that the 35% split is a drawback. Luxury brands charge much higher nightly rates and tend to have much higher occupancy, so your ability to cash flow could be much better.

To understand how the rental management company determines what rental revenue percentage split to use, you must look at their overall hotel operation. The hotel operator must bring in enough revenue to operate the hotel at the high level of service that the paying guests expect. Much of this will depend on the hotels particular brand and market position. For example, a guest staying at

Jun 01

Australia Immigration And Consultants

Now most people are moving to the country down south. These people thought immigration to Australia is the best choice for a good career. The process of immigration seems easy and convenient with an awesome welcome to the foreign settlers and visitors. It is not that easy to allow the entire immigrants to reside in the country. There is a lot of choices to choose to turn for help if willing to travel south as smooth as silk. The visa consultants can guide for many immigrants.

Australia immigration will be burdensome if the applicant does not know anything about the visa and process. It will be stressful if the applicant knows only about the documentation and fees. It is true that Australia immigration is easier as compared to other countries immigration. This is because the government of Australia puts efforts on the immigration sector, which definitely favors immigrants. But south immigration also follows certain steps and processes to sort out applicants from deserving to undeserving. Of course, every individual deserves to be an Australian, and if they wish to, do they understand the hows, whys and whats of Australia immigration? This is where an immigration consultant is needed.

Immigration consultants will serve the candidate as a partner and guide. The registered agents are the people who are eligible for application and immigration queries. The consultants can provide advice for the application process. Since the immigration and visa application are stuffed with many requirements, especially for those General Skilled Migration applicants, a doubt arises that will they be able to finish the process. They can but after a long waiting for several years pointlessly. But after hiring an Australian visa company service, it is sure that the person will get all his/her pennyworth.

There are many types visas being offered for

May 31

Home Loan Interest Rates In Australia; Financial Advice

Should someone fix their interest rate in loan if they are buying a house in Australia? That is the financial advice, Australia is asking for. The financial crisis of 2008 made many home owners steer away from fixed loans with only five percent home owners committing to fixing their home loans in 2009 and 2010. But afterward, the percentile increased slightly with eight percent customers fixing their loans by 2011. The number rose to double digits with thirteen percent customers fixing their home loans by 2012.

Before the big bang of 2008, fixing home loans was a common culture because customers used to fear that interest rates would climb too high for their reach and wanted certainty in financial matters. That culture changed with the 2008 melt down.

But those days are gone. As Australia’s fixed rates drop to an all time low, many customers are going for fixed rates in order to get the best and what seems like most reliable deal on the table.

Which type of loan is better for you?

Variable interest rate home loan is an interest rate that changes with the official cash rate of Australia. As official cash rate fluctuates with the international stock market, the interest on your loan would always be, indirectly, tethered to Reserve Bank of Australia. If the rate goes up, so does your loan and vice versa.

Fixed interest rate home loan- you pay a fixed amount of interest on your loan for a pre-decided span of time. So, for the first ten years, you will pay a fixed amount of interest no matter what goes on with the Official cash rate.

Analysis- It may sound like fixed rate is your best bet- well it’s the safest bet. Because even though it

May 30

Easy Ways to Book Super Bowl Hotels 2015

It has been officially announced that the Super Bowl game will be held in university of phoenix stadium- Arizona Cardinals. So if you are planning to go there, then you should look for hotels near the places. Super Bowl will be started next year and you must book the hotels for your accommodation. There are many cheap hotels near the University of Phoenix Stadium and you can book the hotels according to your budget.

You can easily find many expensive and cheap hotels near the phoenix stadium. Some fans can afford the expensive and they can look for the cheapest hotels. You can easily avail a discount on the price of the hotel room if you are booking through online sites. There are many online sites which you can use for the purpose of booking easily without any problem. These online sites will provide you all the necessary information relating to the hotels like room availability and the services of the hotels.

Hotels today provide a lot of rooms to the online room bookers. They easily provide all the facilities to the online room brokers at any time. The prices of Super bowl 2015 are not constantly in the world and the price keeps changing every time you look for the hotels. It will be better for you to check clearly all the services and facilities which hotels provide. Last minute bookings are not a good option and you will face so many problems while selecting the hotel near the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Online booking of hotels is a good option and will provide discounts and you can save big amount of money. You can easily visit the hotel websites for all your queries regarding the prices of the rooms. They will provide you all the necessary information easily at any time.


May 29

Jalousie Plantation Hotel In St Lucia To Be Re-branded As A Viceroy Hotel Property

After re-branding its Tides hotel on Mexicos Rivera Maya last January, the Viceroy Hotel Group announced that the Jalousie Plantation Sugar Beach resort in St Lucia, will also re-launch this year as a new Viceroy Hotels and Resorts property.

The transition of this property as it passes hands to the Viceroy group was highly anticipated and took no one by surprise given the growth of the Viceroy Hotel Group in markets such as Abu Dhabi, Turkey and the Maldives. The group looks forward to a progressive year for the expansion of their portfolio, with the addition of the Jalousie Plantation allowing the hotelier to cash on the popularity of St Lucia holidays.

On its part, the luxurious Jalousie Plantation, Sugar Beach resort, located on an immaculate tropical rainforest in the iconic centre of St Lucias Valley of Pitons, has also recently decided to upgrade their in-room facilities with the addition of new Touchstone Home Products featuring newend-of-bed TV lift cabinets to enhance its luxury villa suites. The award-winning, world-class property categorised as one of the most luxurious St Lucia hotels and resorts, decided to upgrade its suites with Touchstone as part of a $100 million renovation started in late 2010.

Touchstone, leader and pioneer in the design and development of the Theatre Lift Cabinets, was founded in 2005. They specialise in the production of cabinets in contemporary, traditional and transitional styles to fit flawlessly in almost any home. The Vice President of Touchstone, Frank Quinslink, expressed his satisfaction over the Jalousie Plantation collaboration, and pointed out that the Touchstone technology was designed to match all types of decoration.

We were very excited to work with Jalousie Plantation on this installation of TV Lift Cabinets, he said Our cabinets are a perfect lift for the hospitality industry, especially because we have

May 29

Athens International Airport – Hotel Medusa Special Summer rates

Athens Airport Hotels – Hotel Medusa

The seafront 3(***)star Hotel MEDUSA is located in Artemida, a popular Athens Airport Hotel on the East Coast of Attica washed by the Southern Eboan Gulf, 25 km East of Athens, only 6km from Athens International Airport and 3,5km from the new Exhibition & conference centre “Metropolitan Expo”. The hotel is open all year round and provides 12 twin bedded and 2 four bedded rooms (most of them with sea-view), providing all necessary amenities for our guests.

Take Advantage of our 2010 Special Offer

From 1st January 2010 – 31st March 2010 45 per night when you stay at least 2 nights!

For the summer period of 2010 we do have special rates, which you can find at Hotel Medusa’s page here.

Price includes a delicious breakfast but no transfer from/to Athens International airport.

Welcome to Medusa Hotel! Always Here to Offer You The Best Short or Long-Term, Vacation Experience!

If you are seeking to escape from the daily routine and constant strain, Hotel Medusa is the right place for you. Discover a little paradise in the area of Artemis (Loutsa): an idyllic hotel, which is the boast of this locality… You don’t want to lose this unique sunrise from the view of your room in front of the sea!

You will never be hungry here. Noon and night, our delicious dishes are waiting for you to taste them. We can take orders for people who have a special diet (vegetarians, children etc.).

Your coffee or beverage can be accompanied by one of the delicious, delectable desserts of our menu.

Hotel Medusa can also offer his 380 square meter restaurant accommodation for parties, seminars and special events during the whole year. Due to our very close distance from Athens International Airport, we can host

May 27

Gaviota Takes Over The Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria Hotel In Cuba And Renames It Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria

Formerly known as the Sirenis Cayo Santo Maria, the luxury property previously owned by the Spanish hotel chain has now passed hands to the Gaviota hotel group, a Cuban state owned hotel group which has been progressively taking over the resort in the last couple of months.

Now renamed as the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria, the former Sirenis property has been undergoing several updates and renovations while still operating as normal and welcoming visitors as usual. With the management transfer from one hotelier to the other has being carried out in the background, the changes have gone almost unnoticed to visitors as most guests enjoying Cuba holidays at the luxurious and modern Cayo Santa Maria resort have noticed virtually no disturbance.

Officially re-launched under Gaviota’s brand name, the newly revamped Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria boasts some of the most amazing swimming pools to be found in the whole of Cuba, each beautifully landscaped with extensive freeform designs and additional water mirrors that create a stunning effect.

Boasting a refreshing collection of 769 elegantly appointed and modern guest rooms, ranging from standard double rooms, ocean view rooms and luxury suites, accommodation at the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria is comfortable and inviting. Providing travellers with fantastic all inclusive holidays in Cuba’s northern Santa Maria Key, the resorts’ wide range of facilities include a wide variety of restaurants with varying dining options to choose from, an array of water sports and entertainment activities as well as live music shows, a Baby Club for the youngest guests, a state-of-the-art gym and a relaxing spas for those in need of pampering and indulgence.

Officially rated as a 4-star Plus category resort, this vast hotel complex located at the popular Cuban holiday destination of Cayo Santa Maria, a small key situated in the

May 27

Customs Brokers Australia Who Reduce Your Stress Of Clearance

If you are involved in a business that require moving bulky items overseas, then it is crucial for you to know that the smartest way to get an authority, like customs brokersor customs clearance Australia based professionals, engaged in order to help you out with the entire procedure. You need to know that a licensed custom broker can save you the trouble that comes with exporting or importing. This particularly is the reason that in a few countries, for instance Canada or Australia, businesses are hiring a qualified and certified customs broker, who can act as their broker when dealing with border personnel.

There are few customs brokers Australia has to offer, who are known for taking care of all the needs of their clients and help importers and exporters who have reported filling out and process their customs documents. These customs broker operate and acts as an agent for importers and exporters in carrying out customs business on behalf of their agents. Besides this, there are several other benefits that the export import company can enjoy by employing and hiring the services of an experienced customs broker. All these serve to be good reasons that the demand for such customs brokers, Australia has to offer, have been increased tremendously.

If you are, like many companies, looking for Customs Brokers Australia or Freight Companies Australia, then you need to know that you can scour all your option with the help of online mediums to find the one. Today, internet is being recognised as the best way to find your entire related search. Thus, an apt search on the internet will help you in finding the reliable Customs Broker, Melbourne has to offer, who are known for their efficient service, but will also let you have comprehensive idea about services rendered

May 25

Tourists Can Experience Traditional Pearl Diving At Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai

The Jumeirah Group is offering a fantastic experience for tourists staying at the Dubai Beach Hotel this spring with the launche of pearl scuba diving excursions off the coast of Jebel Ali.

Some of the worlds best pearls have been found in the waters of the Arabian Gulf over past centuries and from 2nd March, 2012, guests enjoying scuba diving holidays in Dubai at the Jumeirah property will be able to learn about the ancient tradition of pearling.

Holidaymakers will meet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and they will be transported by bus to Palm Jebel Ali. They will then dress into traditional clothing and board traditional dhow boats where they will be taken to the shallow waters of the Gulf to collect oysters using traditional pearl diving methods.

There will be plenty of activities aboard the boat such as story-telling and singing, and passengers will be served a fish and rice dish for lunch. The experience enables the visitors to dive three to five metres beneath the surface of the ocean and if they find any pearls, they can keep them as a souvenir from their scuba diving holidays in Dubai.

The pearl diving excursions are being operated in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) every week from Tuesday to Saturday and they enable foreign tourists to understand more about the traditional pearl diving industry during Dubai holidays.

The Jumeirah Beach hotel is one of the Jumeirah Groups most luxurious Dubai hotels with 598 elegant rooms and suites and 19 beachfront villas.

Guests can take advantage of facilities and activities including 20 gourmet restaurants and stylish bars that offer a wide selection of international cuisine and premium drinks; sailing trips and snorkelling and scuba diving adventures at the Pavilion Marina & Sports Club; complimentary access to the Wild

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