Jun 12

Delightful Dining Experiences at the Calme Boutique Hotel, Paros

With its idyllic atmosphere and Greek island setting, the Calme Boutique Hotel on the island of Paros, offers its guests a world of luxury, exclusivity and privacy. Focusing on the very best that Greece has to offer, wining and dining at this superb property take on a new meaning. Offering sea view accommodation in Paros , this luxury hotel in Chryssi Akti is the ideal destination hotel for discerning holidaymakers who seek privacy and luxury in a very refined setting indeed. With its authentic Cycladic island atmosphere making the most of the sea and the sun, this is a sea view hotel in Paros that makes the very most of its privileged location. Situated 700 metres away from the awe inspiring beauty of Chryssi Akti beach, the views from the property are nothing short of stunning. The luxurious nature of its accommodation is evident in every detail through calming, cooling interiors where sea view rooms looking out onto the endless blue sea provide for the ultimate in relaxation. Ideal for couples, families as well as groups of friends looking to combine peaceful vacations with everything that the island has to offer in terms of beaches, nightlife and excursions, the exquisite nature of all the rooms provide the perfect sanctuary for holidays that are truly heavenly. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Calme Boutique Hotel offers its guests a range of unique experiences that they are sure to cherish for a long time after they have left this magical island. Through its workshops and exhibitions, Calme Boutique Hotel guests have the opportunity to gain an insight into local history and the Arts. Beauty and Wellness are catered towards through the state of the art fitness facilities, in room massages, as well as the onsite beauty

Jun 12

Ucontrol Pty Ltd Australia Paves the Way forward with Innovative Digital Panel Meter Technology

It is a fact, with the popularity of HMI s for industrial indication of process variables & the continuing reduction in price of these products the market share for the traditional digital panel meter has decreased. Despite this, since more manufacturers are choosing to accurately indicate their processes with some type of digital display, their demand is still growing & there are certain applications where the digital panel meter or programmable meter will always be the best solution.

Why? Well there is no specialist software programming involved, no software licences to be purchased, and ideal if there is limited panel space, no complex engineering for tasks such as custom linearization’s & maths functions, easy recalibration and is cost effective for small quantities.

Most high quality designed digital panel meters are designed in a modular format so options of alarm relays, analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission or ModBUS RTU serial communications can be retrofitted via a plug in card. This is great for the user or distributor since one base model number is held for stock or spares. Ucontrol in Australia are distributors of the STR550 digital panel meter. A different approach to the design has been taken with this programmable meter, all the various options of analogue 4-20 mA or 0-10V retransmission, ModBUS RTU serial communications, relay alarm outputs & digital input have been built in as standard & are switched off in default mode. Mass producing one model number keeps the price of those options to a minimum. Other software options popular in higher level digital panel meters such as user linearization for horizontal cylindrical tanks, square root extraction etc has been included & can also be enabled if required.

There are plenty of other standout features of this pioneering digital panel meter. It can

Jun 10

How To Avoid Threats While Using Hotel Wi-Fi

While checking in any hotel, our first concern is always that if we and our valuables will be provided proper safety. We except the management, not to share our room keys and take care to keep our luggage and belongings secure. But that is not the only threat as the thing of much concern is the free hotel Wi-Fi that you will be provided. The threat is not just limited to free Wi-Fi in hotels but also to the public places that offer free internet connectivity for their customers such as libraries, cafs, restaurants etc, as many people fail to browse internet safely. They can ensure the safe internet browsing by applying some simple safeguards.

Hotel Wi-Fi has the same security risks as does the coffee shops, they not only compromise on your personal details, making you more susceptible but you also suffer these high threats of malicious virus attacks. However, there are always those preventive measures that you can adopt to overcome or at least minimize you’re the risks:

Always use a virtual private network (VPN) for browsing the internet. VPN’s ensure your safety, preventing your online communications from any interception, by doing encryption. This is the most basic step to keep all your personal information intact, when you are travelling.

As most of us are aware of the significance of -HTTPS- which is used for secure internet browsing. Make sure that you only visit the websites with -HTTPS- in their address. It is important not to share any personal information while travelling but if you can’t avoid it then you can at least take care of the -HTTPS- in the URL, which ensures that it is secured.

Make sure to turn on the firewall and keep it updated, which is a good rescue as

Jun 09

Why You Must Book The Greece Beaches Resorts For Memorable Holidays

You can find the most magnificent and spectacular luxury beach resorts everywhere all over the world that make you happy with the amazing services and cost-effective rates. If you have saved a lot of money for the last few months and wish to enjoy your vacation in a lovely destination very badly, then it is very important for you to book the reputed resort in the beautiful Greece.

Are you planning a vacation this summer with your spouse? Still thinking about the location and the best hotels that make your holidays memorable? If yes, then take a great decision after gathering the appropriate information. This online process is not a very difficult and stressful affair. You just only need a computer system with a full speed internet connection to book different hotels in a hassle free manner.

Astir Odysseus Kos Greece Beaches Resorts were established in 2009 with the aim to offer amazing accommodation in the entire Tingaki area. This is just 5 km away from the historic center and from the international airport, thus you don’t have to worry about anything. Their executive and well-constructed suites covered 48 sq.m., area with two separate spaces very beautifully that make you happy with the sea front and an endearing garden view. While booking these in advance, you will get the benefits of 24×7 room service & other amenities that includes Wi-Fi Internet connection, telephone & satellite TV LCD facility, air-conditioning unit, safe box, bathroom amenities and laundry service.

You can book Standard Double Rooms, Junior Suites, Executive Suites, Maisonetes Suites, Sharing Pool Rooms & Suites and much more. They maintain a good reputation among the people by rendering both awesome facilities and Luxury Accommodation Kos services. Owing to the discreet luxury, on time unlimited hospitality service and the high elegance combined with the contemporary

Jun 07

Where To Go When Staying In A Fareham Hotel

Titchfield Abbey was built in the thirteenth century and was then converted into a grand mansion for the Earl of Southampton. The house has Elizabethan connections and it is claimed that it was the first place that some of Shakespeares plays were performed. Entry to the Abbey is free.

To find out more about Fareham and the local area, visit Westbury Manor Museum. This museum was opened in 1990 and it uses graphics and models, photographs and sound effects to produce a stunning story of the area.

Fareham is a market town and the town centre is pedestrianised and surrounded by medieval architecture. Markets are still a feature of this town, and on Mondays you can find the traditional open air market. There is a regular Farmers Market with local produce and regular specialist markets throughout the year. For regular shopping there is an undercover shopping centre where you can find all the high street names. Market Quay is a new development with shopping and a cinema, mixing retail and leisure. Speciality shopping can be found in West Street where independently owned shops offer different types of products.

The great outdoors can be accessed from a hotel in Fareham quite easily. Close by is the Titchfield Nature Reserve – nationally renowned for its breeding pairs of rare avocets and other water birds – where you can enjoy unspoilt views and walk the network of paths which meander through the centre. Or you can visit Holly Hill Woodland Park with its unique landscape of waterfalls and lakes which culminate in a grotto in Winnards Copse contrasting with Cawtes Copse and its natural woodland.

When in a hotel in Fareham, you are close enough to Portsmouth to visit the historic Docks. Here at the home of the Royal Navy you

Jun 06

Hotels In Nairobi – Pampering Guests With Recreational Facilities

Every year thousands of visitors descend upon the airport in Nairobi to partake of the many delights that the East African country of Kenya has to offer. Some come here to strike multi-million dollar business deals in one of the most vibrant economies in the region. Others come here with their friends and families to take a sightseeing tour of the vast savannah where lion and zebra roam freely.

To cater to the vast traffic that passes through the country every year, many hotels in Nairobi have come up. They range in all styles and classes to suit the whims and fancies of every traveller. There are medium range hotels, inexpensive budget hotels and lavish five-star hotels. No matter how much money the traveller has in his pocket, he will find that there is a hotel that conforms to his requirements.

The large five-star hotels understand that their elite guests want to be pampered in the class and style that they are used to. Elite visitors pay a lot of money to book a room in such hotels. Naturally, they expect the standard to be as high as the room rates. So what do these hotels do? The first thing they do is to make sure that the rooms in the hotel are adorned with the most elegant furniture possible. Then they ensure that the dining is of the highest standard.

But luxury hotels in Nairobi understand that they have to go out of their way if they have to distinguish themselves from the competition. They have to provide services that go beyond the expectations of the visitor. They choose to use their creativity to arrange a wide range of recreational activities for the benefit of their guests.

1. The hotels are invariably equipped with a fine swimming pool. Parents can teach their kids

Jun 04

Reasons To Stay At Privilege Aluxes Hotel

Mexicowhats the first thing that comes into your mind? Surely, youll never miss out the beaches. Indeed, the weather, the sun-kissed beaches, and even the hunks and sexy ladies that party day and night are enough reasons to head there. Fortunately, you also have a good choice for your accommodation Privilege Aluxes Hotel.

Where Is It?

Also known as Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres, Privilege Aluxes Hotel is currently found just across the seashore of the main Cancun island, in Isla Mujeres. It is surrounded by captivating shorelines and blue seas. Its weather is reported to never go below 80 degrees, though it tends to go higher during the summer season. The rains sometimes fall, but the waters dont have enough power to destroy the image Isla Mujeres hasthat is, the ultimate beach destination for anyone.

Privilege Aluxes Hotel or Privilege Aluxes Isla also offers wide variety of amenities for comfort, convenience, and a taste of luxury for any discerning traveller. For one, there are more than 120 gorgeous Privilege Aluxes rooms to choose from. They are situated all over the five floors, each of them reached through the use of elevators.

Rooms are well equipped. It has a mini bar, which is refilled every day. Suites possess individual living rooms and entertainment facilities such as 32-inch colored LCD TV and a player for CDs and DVDs.

Of course, you will never get to enjoy Privilege Aluxes Hotel unless you go out. The good news is that it provides you with a lot more. For one, it gives you one of the best sea views in Mexico. You will definitely love to wake up every morning breathing cool air and seeing the breathtaking sceneries of the beaches and nearby islands.

Stepping out, you can just lie down on

Jun 04

Amidst Political Unrest Viceroy Hotel Group Announces Opening Of Luxury Maldives Hotel

Renowned hotel chain Viceroy Hotel Group has recently announced that they will open one of the most eagerly anticipated luxury Maldives hotels on the 2nd April 2012. Nestled on the archipelagos exotic Vagaru Island, there has been a buzz around the 61-villa new Viceroy Maldives since last year.

The hotel looks set to be a favourite among travellers planning luxury holidays in the Maldives stirring up coverage in leading international magazines from Harpers Bazzar to Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler and Elite Traveler. Extending the Viceroy brand across the world to the Maldives is a very exciting development for us We look forward to welcoming our clientele to this breathtaking resort in early 2012 read the statement from the President of the Viceroy hotel Group, Nicholas Clayton.

The announcement of the official launch comes in the midst of the political unrest that has erupted in the Maldives capital of Mal. With tourism contributing directly to 30 per cent of the archipelagos GDP, many have expressed fears that the current unrest will dissuade travellers from booking Maldives holidays. Reports coming out of the Maldives would suggest that the tourism industry continues to thrive in the face of the upheaval with no disruptions to Maldives flights landing at Male International Airport AND hotels reporting stable occupancy rates.

The fact that the 101 Maldives resorts are located on exotic uninhabited islands segregated from the local population has meant that holidaymakers have been largely isolated from the chaos. The local islands and the tourist islands are a world apart There have been some cancellations, but that is a result of people not understanding the destination noted Jason Kruse general manager of Kurumba resort.

The lure of beach front and water villas with interiors created by awarding winning firm Yabu Pushelberg may well be enough to

Jun 04

The Correlation Between Gold, Oil And Currency Markets – Time To Trade The Us And Australia Dollar

A lot of people are now seeking the correlation of gold, oil and also the foreign currency markets for example the US dollar. Today just about all currencies are correlated with gold and oil prices.

Oil is the main commodity which drives the world financial systems. Most of us have observed the net impact of substantial oil prices and how that makes everything else considerably more costly since the cost of transportation rises. This therefore influences the currencies market.

You’ll find however four currencies that show a rather robust correlation with gold and oil. These four are known to dealers as the commodity currencies.

The Commodity Currencies

The four commodity currencies which are highly correlated with gold and oil are the Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as well as the essential Swiss Franc (CBF). Many individuals believe that the NZD is a hot favorites with carry traders however this really is old news. The CAD is particularly correlated with oil nevertheless less so with gold. If you’re searching for the major 3 currencies correlated with gold then it’s important to look to the AUD, NZD, CBF.

We all know that gold is the fall back position when the global financial markets are struggling. This had resulted in such high prices for gold in the last few years. We have always had a captivation with gold going back to the Californian gold rush and beyond; since we still dig up gold treasures from ancient Egypt today.

This kind of love of gold persists with traders right now; and in a moment of political and economic crisis gold is king and seen as a safe haven for investments.

The United States Dollar Is Negatively Correlated With Gold

This has led to people moving from the US Dollar

Jun 02

Busbar Forms And Definitions For Switchboards Australia (protection Against Arcing Faults)

AS3000-2007 Wiring Rules – Protection Against Arcing Faults

With the introduction of the new AS3000-2007 wiring regulations, greater care needs to be taken when designing switchboards to meet these requirements and provide the enhanced level of safety.

Clause “Protection against switchboard internal arcing fault currents” states that protection against arcing fault currents while the equipment is in service, or is undergoing maintenance, shall be provided for heavy current switchboards. Heavy current circuits are regarded as those where the nominal supply current to the switchboard is 800 A or more per phase. The supply conductors within the switchboard shall have additional insulation or be segregated. In addition, the switchboard shall comply with one of the following:

(a) Clause to reduce the probability of initiation of arcing fault.

(b) Clause limit the harmful effects of an arcing fault.

(c) Both a) & b)

To reduce the probability of the initiation of a switchboard internal arcing fault, heavy current switchboards shall be provided with internal separation in accordance with AS/NZS 3439.1 for-

(a) busbars from functional units; and

(b) functional units from one another; and

(c) terminals provided for external conductors from the busbar; and

(d) a safety service circuit section of the switchboard,

This separation may be provided by the use of a Form 3b, Form 3bi, Form 3bh, Form 3bih, Form 4a, Form 4ah, Form 4aih, or Form 4b, Form 4bi, Form 4bh, Form 4bih constructed switchboard. The required degree of protection, IP2X or IP1XB,

Internal Separation along with the Degree of Protection needs to be verified as part of the type tests under Clause 8.1.1 of AS.NZS 3439.1:2002 “TYPE TESTS” Sub clause 8.1.1.(g). The Elsteel TECHNO Modular Switchboard System complies with this requirement having been certified by TEST SAFE Australia (Test Report 29540). The Degree of Protection

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