Jun 17

Importance of Good Hotel Etiquette

It is important to be a good guest every chance you get to visit a hotel. Unfortunately, most people choose to complain about the services they receive at the hotel. Being good at the hotel is likely to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, it will most definitely make the life of the personnel easy. Being rude will not get you good service in thetourism and hotel industry. Instead, you will be a problem to the hotel staff who will secretly wish your stay at the hotel would soon end. The following are some of the ways of showing good behavior.

When you arrive

If the hotel offers door attendant and valet services, make sure to drive your vehicle to the hotel’s entrance and leave the key in the ignition. The door attendant will be in a better position to remove your luggage as fast as possible from the trunk of the car while the valet parks your vehicle. This will avoid other guests being held up. If the hotel does not have door attendant and valet services, make sure to drive your car to the parking site. Take your own luggage to the reception. Avoid packing the vehicle at the entrance of the hotel. This is often observed as a rude gesture.

When you check in

If the clerk at the reception is on the telephone or doing some work, wait for him/her to finish and avoid pushing your way to be checked in. Signing loudly or tapping the reception table will not give you the desired service sooner. When the hotel clerk seeks to find out how he/she can assist you, tell him/her you are interested in being checked in and give your name. You do not have to give additional information; this will amount to a waste of time. If they are other people ahead of you who are waiting to be checked in, avoid being discourteous and rude by trying to push ahead.

During your stay

Many of the hotels offer housekeeping services, but it is inconsiderate to leave your dirty towel, clothes and other items lying around. The housekeeping staff operates on a time limit. Therefore, if you leave your things around the room they may miss something or exceed their time limit. It is equally important to leave behind a tip. The housekeeper will appreciate and be motivated to clean your premise more thoroughly.

When checking out

If you are asked how your stay at the hotel was, be honest. If you have something to complain about, say it but do not ask for compensation because some complaints do not deserve one. Make sure to return the key before leaving, once you receive your bill. In case you are planning to leave before the designated time, make sure to inform the personnel at the front desk.


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