Apr 27

Discover A New World In Hotel Aanbieding

Amsterdam has the most exciting places in the Netherlands. Since night clubs up to historic museums are around the city. You only need enough time to visit these places. Dont forget to book a room in Hotel Aanbieding before you start your trip.

Dutch are friendly and liberal people. As visitor you should respect their customs. Dont forget that. Holland is a country with many soccer fans. Clubs like Feyenoord, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Az Almark are the most important of the country. The stadium Amsterdam Arena is the home of Ajax. It is situated in the south-east of the city. This is a club accustomed to international competitions and many time export good soccer players to the most renowned clubs of Europe.

If you prefer to do other activities, Amsterdam can offer to you. Coffee shops are very popular in the town. Going to Amsterdam and not going to a coffee shop is like going to France and not going to the Torre Eiffel. In the Red Light District youll find lots of coffee shops and night clubs.

Amsterdam is a small city, if you want to save money in transport, book a room in Hotel Aanbieding. Its in the downtown. Rent a bike is a good idea because it is a cheap service and youll do physical activity.

Windmills are historic places to visit. Unfortunately, few of them are in activity and the other are in restructuring. Dont forget to carry a camera; it will be a good memory. After that, if you are hungry, visit De Groene Olifant” to eat. This restaurant is located in Sarphatistraat 510. But if you want something more cheap eat a sandwich at Ben Wouda on the corner of the Spui.

Save some money to buy a souvenir and have fun.


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