May 23

Booking Hotel Rooms – Top 6 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Stay

Regardless of what people may tell you, it doesn’t cost a fortune to stay in a four-star hotel. With a little effort you can find great deals on almost any hotel. Use the tips below when planning your next getaway and you will find yourself staying in luxury for less.

The Internet is Your Friend

There are many websites now that find the latest and greatest deals and promotions based on your search criteria. With a few simple clicks you can compare prices online to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Make sure to take advantage of this convenience even if it’s only for peace of mind that you are already getting a good deal. You’d surprised at the prices you find.

Use Coupons

You can almost always find some sort of savings through the use of coupons. Just like I said above, “the internet is your friend”. Also, there are often times hidden discounts. Being a member of certain automobile organizations or retiree associations may entitle you to discounts that you are unaware of. Furthermore, check out the websites of some of the hotels where you plan to visit. You can usually find special deals that are only advertised on their website.

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

If you have a fondness of a particular chain of hotels you should find out if they have a rewards program and sign up for it. While it might not save you money on your first trip it definitely will on future reservations. There are many perks that hotels offer their rewards members. You can get a free night’s stay, free meals, free room upgrades, free internet, and even later check out times.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Upgrades/Freebies

If a hotel has vacancies you can often get certain upgrades and amenities free just by simply asking for them. Hotels would rather fill a vacancy instead of leaving an empty room if it only means giving away a little something.

Be Flexible

When booking hotels, if you are flexible on the dates you can stay you will save a lot of money. Weekends and holiday rates are always a lot higher than weekdays and off-season rates.

Consider Lower Priced Hotels

Surprisingly, you can usually get more from some of the cheaper hotels. This doesn’t mean staying at a no-name, dirty, and cheap hotel. What I am referring to here is that places like Embassy Suites and the Hampton Inn offer you free internet, free local telephone calls, and free breakfast. Whereas their higher end sister hotels like the Waldorf or Hilton make you pay extra for these items. You still get to stay at a nice hotel but you also get access to the extras for no charge.

Use these six tips above and you will save a lot money on your next vacation. With a little effort there’s no telling what kind of savings you might dig up for your future trip. The saved money from hotels can allow you to put more money towards the fun stuff instead of spending it all on the room. Having extra funds to splurge on the local color and nightlife can mean the difference between an average vacation and one you will never forget.


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