Mar 24

Bali Boutique Hotels Provide Comfort and Luxury In A Land of Festivals

Bali has long been referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, and numerous tourists flock to the island each year. While any time of year will be filled with different sights and activities, those who visit during certain times will experience an added bonus to their visit. Bali is host to several different festivals that occur each year, and some of these bring excitement and sights that are unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Knowing when these festivals occur and what to expect can make planning or enjoying your stay in Bali boutique hotels even more enjoyable than normal.

Small festivals occur with regularity, due to the over twenty thousand Hindu temples that cover the island. Each temple holds its own celebratory festival twice each year, sometimes more. Funerals that occur on the island are also colourful affairs and often see the dead being cremated in extravagant rituals. While these small festivals and events are common and hard to pinpoint an exact time for, other festivals that are much larger and more significant are easier to predict and much more of an event. In some cases the Bali boutique hotels may even take part in the festivals, for better or for worse.

Every two hundred and ten days, the ten day festival known as Galungan occurs. This celebration is held in honour of the death of the ancient tyrant Mayadenawa, and bamboo poles bear gifts for the returning spirits of Gods and ancestors alike who visit the island over the course of the ten days. This is truly a spectacle and a unique experience, and you’ll likely see the signs of it from any of the Bali boutique hotels that dot the area. But all of these festivals pale in comparison to Nyepi, the Hindu New Year. This is both an extravagant celebration worth seeing but can also create hassles that travellers may not be prepared for.

Nyepi is known as the Day of Silence, and the days leading up to it will be filled with the creation of huge colourful giants and will culminate in a massive parade. The spectacle is incredible and will create a lasting memory, but the following day will not be as enjoyable. No flights will leave the island, no businesses will be open, and guests at Bali boutique hotels will be asked to remain inside and keep as quiet as possible. It can be a great excuse to relax and unwind, but you should be prepared for it if you’re visiting during the time that Nyepi falls within.


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