Mar 25

5 Non-Negotiable Factors to Make Sure Before Booking a Hotel

Hotels and guesthouses abound in every place. Some are five-star hotels; some are three star hotels while some are the normal and the average ones. You need to choose the hotel that suits your budget best. However, you also need to check the amenities in the guesthouse. Most importantly, you need to understand which amenities is your priority. When you start the search process, take into account the following factors.

Remember, you also need to sort the places, where you can allow flexibility.

1. Air conditioning – In any guest room, air conditioning is very important. In any resort, you cannot depend only on the fan, especially if the climate of the place is humid. If it is so, then you might not have a sound sleep. An air-conditioned room is nothing but heaven.

2. Complimentary Breakfast – Many guests look forward to this. The reason is that early in the morning people do not want to come down for breakfast or cook it themselves. Hence, if there is complimentary breakfast, it feels really good. At many places, the breakfast that you get to it is very delicious and that is a great way to start your day.

3. Wi-Fi – Businessmen and these days every one look for Wi-Fi facilities. Remember, it is just not Wi-Fi, the priority is faster and better net speed. The internet junkies feel disconnected if their net speed is slow or if they are not online. The places that have a good Internet facility, they get more and more business.

4. Hot Water – Guests or customers cannot imagine a bathroom without a geyser. You will see that when you go on a trip, the water that you get is usually cold. Taking bath in cold water or performing any other domestic chore sometimes becomes very irritating. At that

Mar 24

Bali Boutique Hotels Provide Comfort and Luxury In A Land of Festivals

Bali has long been referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, and numerous tourists flock to the island each year. While any time of year will be filled with different sights and activities, those who visit during certain times will experience an added bonus to their visit. Bali is host to several different festivals that occur each year, and some of these bring excitement and sights that are unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Knowing when these festivals occur and what to expect can make planning or enjoying your stay in Bali boutique hotels even more enjoyable than normal.

Small festivals occur with regularity, due to the over twenty thousand Hindu temples that cover the island. Each temple holds its own celebratory festival twice each year, sometimes more. Funerals that occur on the island are also colourful affairs and often see the dead being cremated in extravagant rituals. While these small festivals and events are common and hard to pinpoint an exact time for, other festivals that are much larger and more significant are easier to predict and much more of an event. In some cases the Bali boutique hotels may even take part in the festivals, for better or for worse.

Every two hundred and ten days, the ten day festival known as Galungan occurs. This celebration is held in honour of the death of the ancient tyrant Mayadenawa, and bamboo poles bear gifts for the returning spirits of Gods and ancestors alike who visit the island over the course of the ten days. This is truly a spectacle and a unique experience, and you’ll likely see the signs of it from any of the Bali boutique hotels that dot the area. But all of these festivals pale in comparison to Nyepi, the Hindu New Year. This is

Mar 24

Bondi Beach – The Tourist Attraction In Australia

There are many people all around the world that visit Australia, and they most certainly visit Bondi Beach, and have an experience of their lifetime. Many people actually visit the beach, as they feel that they would garner in a lifetime experience of surfing in such a good location, and getting to know the people and the local tribes that have actually been in place for a long time. Visiting Australia and being very close to Sydney, the Bondi Beach is something of a tourist attraction to the people that visit Australia from far and wide. The beach is a lot of facilities, in terms of having lifeguards, watch towers, and also having an array of shops that are in the beach that cater to people who are there to rent out supplies for surfing in the ocean. Hence one can easily visit Bondi Beach and enjoy with your whole family and friends, and also get to see the wild side of Australia in such beaches. Visiting the beach is a must as this is a huge tourist attraction for people in their honeymoon as well as for people who are visiting Australia for the first time.

Having a very close proximity to the shopping malls and the shops that sell and cater to a lot of things, we find that, people were more interested in shopping also visits the beach so that they can enjoy the sun and scenery of the beach, and they’ll do their favourite shopping in shops that are internationally renowned for the goods they sell. Hence for the people who’ve gone there for shopping, the beach is also a place where you can gather around and share your daily experiences, and also get to know each other more well. For the people who have gone

Mar 24

Harlequin’s Transformation To Luxury Barbados Hotel Set To Be Complete In October 2012

Newcomer to the luxury hotel scene Harlequin Hotels and Resorts has confirmed that their latest Caribbean hotel, the H Hotel Barbados, will be launched in October 2012. The UK based firm, acquired the Allamanda Beach Hotel in 2011 and subsequently announced their decision to invest $11m BBD in order to renovate the beachfront property located in Christ Church, Barbados and transform into a breath-taking boutique hotel, ideal for travellers seeking to enjoy a superior luxury Barbados holiday experience.

Despite the fact that this is only the firms second luxury resort in the Caribbean, with their first hotel located in Buccament Bay, St Vincent and the Grenadines, having been operating for just over a year, officials spokespeople from Harlequin are confident in the prospect of the H Hotel Barbados and its ability to entice more travellers to book holidays in Barbados, This Boutique Hotel offering will bring further investment to Barbados and provide more employment opportunities as well as bringing many new holidaymakers to this Caribbean Jewel noted Mr. Dave Ames Chairman of Harelquin Hotels and Resorts .

Much of the firms confidence stems from the fact that Harlequins ultra-chic boutique style resorts stand out from other Barbados hotels offering, in the words of Mr Ames, a completely different concept for the Caribbean. Drawing influence from Dubai and the Far East, Harlequin has undertaken the lofty ambition to provide its guests with an uncomparable luxury experience during their Barbados holidays.

Vice president of hotel and resort development at Harlequin, Garrett Ronan elaborated stating, This launch of Harlequins Boutique Brand in Barbados with the renovation of the former Allamanda Hotel, will bring a new ultra-chic, South Beah-style Hotel to the market. When completed, it will offer 77 luxury suites including 4 penthouses, an upscale martini lounge, a steak and seafood restaurant, a

Mar 20

For a Special Anniversary, Why Not Book a Stay in a Luxury Boutique Hotel

Anniversaries are special occasions that are important to celebrate. For couples, the need to get away and spend quality time together is very important. A short break or weekend retreat at a luxury hotel is one way to celebrate an anniversary and spend time with the one you love.

Luxury hotels are easier to book than ever before, especially if you use a reputable booking service that deals in luxury accommodation. The first step is to choose your destination. All the leading cities in the world have beautiful modern and classic hotels that give guests high levels of luxury and service. And that is why so many couples all over the world are choosing luxury accommodation for their special breaks and days away.

Imagine waking in a luxurious studio room in a boutique hotel in Rome, or in a modern and lavish contemporary room in the heart of New York City. Or if you want to travel further, why not try the prefect blend of tradition and modern luxury in one of the best hip hotels in Singapore. These are the types of choices that will be available to you if you go online and look for an excellent booking service.

By using a booking service, you will have access to up to date information on the hotels in all the major cities of the world. You will also have access to the latest bargains and deals for late availability.

The best features on booking websites is that previous guests leave their feedback and comments so it’s a great way to choose tried and tested hotels and make your choice using real recommendations and ratings. Booking your accommodation in this way means you are much more likely to get value for money and much less likely to be disappointed.

Honeymooning coup-les love enjoying the extra

Mar 20

Find Maximum Hotel Comfort In Luxury Hotels Chicago

There is no doubt that Chicago is one of the most sought after tour places in the world. With the variety of panoramic views and fun and exciting activities, tourists will surely keep coming back to this wonderful place. But aside from the breathtaking views and the fun activities, another thing that many people are looking forward to in a stay in Chicago is the Luxury hotels Chicago experience.

Superb Comfort and relaxation perfectly matched with Modern Luxury are the words that are used to describe Luxury Hotels Chicago. All the hotels here speak of great service that will surely satisfy all the hotel needs of the tourists who visit the place. Who wouldnt want to have a nice and comfy room to stay in after the whole day of touring?

One of the most famous Luxury Hotels Chicago is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago. This grand hotel features 218 luxurious guest rooms and 121 fancy suites, all of which are sophisticatedly designed for the complete relaxation and comfort of their guests. all of the rooms here also have an urban style kitchen areas, a sitting area with a sofa bed, WiFi access , 42 inch LCD TV and other equipments that the guest will appreciate. Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago also offers an indoor pool for the complete relaxation of their guests. Aside from this it also features a spa facility and a state of the art fitness center for the complete relaxation of their valued guests.

There is also the Elysian Hotel which is one of the finest Luxury Hotels Chicago. This hotel features 188 comfortable guest rooms and suites that are all generously furnished with elegant modern furnishings, comfortable fire places and marble bathrooms along with other basic amenities for the relaxation and entertainment of the

Mar 20

best Hotel Management Colleges in bhubaneswar

conceptualize what they study during their classroom sessions. The infrastructure becomes more important when the domain is related with more of practical implementation like photography, hospitality, animation, etc. Hotel management is the course which is purely based upon practical execution. Delhi houses some of the finest Best hotel management colleges in Bhubaneswar. There are various colleges here that has good infrastructure which is specially designed to give practical exposure to students. Getting a specialized education is must in this highly competitive world. There are various courses available offering specialization in almost every field of profession. If you are planning to enroll yourself into a course that is different from the traditional ones like BBA, engineering, law, etc. then there are a wide range of courses. Some of the courses like Best hotel management colleges in Bhubaneswar, Best Msw colleges in Bhubaneswar, animation, etc. are now taking an edge over other courses. These courses are purely based on practical learning which is attracting students from all across the country. Out of these courses hotel management course is becoming popular among students. There are plentiful of colleges around the nook and corner of the country that offers degree courses in this profession. Delhi being the capital of the country houses some of the finest hospitality management institutes of the country.Cradle of management institute is one of the best hotel management colleges in Delhi. It is not just because that it offers wholesome learning but also because it emphasizes on practical learning. In order to facilitate it the college has the state of art infrastructure. It has restaurant named Annapurna where students learn skills of serving food, there is kitchen where students learn food production, housekeeping laboratory for learning the trait of the field and front office to make students prepared about the

Mar 16

Movenpick Adds Three Egypt Hotels And Five Nile Sailing Options To Portfolio

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts has increased its collection of Egyptian properties with the addition of three new Egypt hotels in the country’s Red Sea coast, four cruisers and a sail boat.

The international hotel chain has increased its options for tourists planning Egypt holidays with new properties including Mvenpick Resort Hurghada, Mvenpick Resort Abu Soma and Mvenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh in Naama Bay.

We have a long and successful history in Egypt since 1975 and today managing 18 hotels, resorts and Nile boats, explained Roger Kacou, the Senior Vice President of Mvenpick Hotels & Resorts Africa.

This announcement signifies an important step in our dynamic expansion programme that demonstrates our commitment to and total confidence in Egypts tourism.

In addition to the three new Egypt hotels, the hotel group has added four new cruisers and a sail boat to its Egypt holiday choices on the River Nile, including the famous Misr, which was the private yacht of Egypts former King Farouk.

Travellers going on holidays to Sharm el Sheikh will be able to enjoy upscale facilities and accommodation at the new Mvenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh – Naama Bay from 8th April, 2012. The resort has 298 rooms and suites and four villas with a private swimming pool; all boasting views overlooking the resorts five private sandy beaches.

The propertys architecture reflects Arabian heritage with domes, arches and dark wood furniture.

The hotel group has added two properties in Hurghada: Mvenpick Resort Hurghada which opened on 5th March, 2012, and the Mvenpick Resort Abu Soma which is scheduled to open later this year.

Mvenpick Resort Hurghada is situated eight kilometres from Hurghada International Airport and has 252 spacious rooms and suites with Red Sea views. During holidays to Egypt, guests have access to luxurious facilities including a private

Mar 16

Pros And Cons Of Online Flight And Hotel Booking

There are many good thing and bad things about booking online. The World Wide Web has made researching information for airlines and hotels as well as cars and other things fast, simple and convenient. It has also changed it from being a personable experience to just a few clicks of the mouse. The most comparable pro of researching and booking online is all of options you are instantly available to.

You can get to see any dates you would like, the prices and extras that you might want to add to your reservation. It is fast and easy to compare everything you are looking for on various sites that the internet provides you. This is quick and easy if you know exactly what you want and what a good deal is. However, this speed has taken the thought out of many choices we make by going to the sites that provide everything and assume it is the cheapest route.

It is so easy to go through the process and forget to think about the cost adding up as you go. This can lead to bad choices and you find yourself with something you truly dont want in the end. The best way to use the option of booking any reservations online is to simply think before you hit that “Process Order” key.

A major pro created by online booking is the lower cost. Airlines and hotel chains tend to discount prices when you use the book online option. Many of them try and talk the customers into booking online by offering internet discounted prices. They want you to use the Online Flight booking and Online Hotel Booking options to help keep the cost down for not only the consumer but also the company.

The main con of using Online Flight

Mar 15

An Overview On The Conference Centers Near Melbourne Airport

Melbourne is one of the major cities of the world. Every year thousands of people from all over the world visit this magnificent city as tourists. Besides being one of the major tourist attractions of australia, melbourne is the center of trade and commerce. Many multinational companies have their office in melbourne, and hundreds of delegates, every year from different parts of the world come here to attend meetings and conference. Besides the big players, there are hundreds of local and relatively small companies located here and they arrange annual conferences and meetings as well.


Usually, most of the companies arranges for their seminars somewhere outside their office premises. Generally conference halls and banquets are hired for this purpose, melbourne, being one of the major business areas of australia has numerous conference facilities located all over the city.

Conference centers near airport

There are lots of conference centers near melbourne airport. The reason why these conference centers are set up at a close proximity to the airport is because conferences generally do not last for more than a day or two. So, it becomes easier for the guests and delegates to catch flights to their destination once the conference is over. Beside expensive and lavish setups, many budget conference centers are located near melbourne airport. These facilities are less expensive and could be afforded by any company. Here, you would get all the necessary facilities to hold a conference. However, you wont get the ambience that you would find in an expensive facility. Conference centers are being used for years. These are special arrangements, where quite a huge number of people could be accommodated. Besides organizing a formal and official meeting, these facilities are also used to throw parties. There is a conference center at the melbourne airport

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