May 27

Gaviota Takes Over The Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria Hotel In Cuba And Renames It Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria

Formerly known as the Sirenis Cayo Santo Maria, the luxury property previously owned by the Spanish hotel chain has now passed hands to the Gaviota hotel group, a Cuban state owned hotel group which has been progressively taking over the resort in the last couple of months.

Now renamed as the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria, the former Sirenis property has been undergoing several updates and renovations while still operating as normal and welcoming visitors as usual. With the management transfer from one hotelier to the other has being carried out in the background, the changes have gone almost unnoticed to visitors as most guests enjoying Cuba holidays at the luxurious and modern Cayo Santa Maria resort have noticed virtually no disturbance.

Officially re-launched under Gaviota’s brand name, the newly revamped Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria boasts some of the most amazing swimming pools to be found in the whole of Cuba, each beautifully landscaped with extensive freeform designs and additional water mirrors that create a stunning effect.

Boasting a refreshing collection of 769 elegantly appointed and modern guest rooms, ranging from standard double rooms, ocean view rooms and luxury suites, accommodation at the Gaviota Playa Cayo Santa Maria is comfortable and inviting. Providing travellers with fantastic all inclusive holidays in Cuba’s northern Santa Maria Key, the resorts’ wide range of facilities include a wide variety of restaurants with varying dining options to choose from, an array of water sports and entertainment activities as well as live music shows, a Baby Club for the youngest guests, a state-of-the-art gym and a relaxing spas for those in need of pampering and indulgence.

Officially rated as a 4-star Plus category resort, this vast hotel complex located at the popular Cuban holiday destination of Cayo Santa Maria, a small key situated in the

May 27

Customs Brokers Australia Who Reduce Your Stress Of Clearance

If you are involved in a business that require moving bulky items overseas, then it is crucial for you to know that the smartest way to get an authority, like customs brokersor customs clearance Australia based professionals, engaged in order to help you out with the entire procedure. You need to know that a licensed custom broker can save you the trouble that comes with exporting or importing. This particularly is the reason that in a few countries, for instance Canada or Australia, businesses are hiring a qualified and certified customs broker, who can act as their broker when dealing with border personnel.

There are few customs brokers Australia has to offer, who are known for taking care of all the needs of their clients and help importers and exporters who have reported filling out and process their customs documents. These customs broker operate and acts as an agent for importers and exporters in carrying out customs business on behalf of their agents. Besides this, there are several other benefits that the export import company can enjoy by employing and hiring the services of an experienced customs broker. All these serve to be good reasons that the demand for such customs brokers, Australia has to offer, have been increased tremendously.

If you are, like many companies, looking for Customs Brokers Australia or Freight Companies Australia, then you need to know that you can scour all your option with the help of online mediums to find the one. Today, internet is being recognised as the best way to find your entire related search. Thus, an apt search on the internet will help you in finding the reliable Customs Broker, Melbourne has to offer, who are known for their efficient service, but will also let you have comprehensive idea about services rendered

May 25

Tourists Can Experience Traditional Pearl Diving At Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai

The Jumeirah Group is offering a fantastic experience for tourists staying at the Dubai Beach Hotel this spring with the launche of pearl scuba diving excursions off the coast of Jebel Ali.

Some of the worlds best pearls have been found in the waters of the Arabian Gulf over past centuries and from 2nd March, 2012, guests enjoying scuba diving holidays in Dubai at the Jumeirah property will be able to learn about the ancient tradition of pearling.

Holidaymakers will meet at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and they will be transported by bus to Palm Jebel Ali. They will then dress into traditional clothing and board traditional dhow boats where they will be taken to the shallow waters of the Gulf to collect oysters using traditional pearl diving methods.

There will be plenty of activities aboard the boat such as story-telling and singing, and passengers will be served a fish and rice dish for lunch. The experience enables the visitors to dive three to five metres beneath the surface of the ocean and if they find any pearls, they can keep them as a souvenir from their scuba diving holidays in Dubai.

The pearl diving excursions are being operated in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG) every week from Tuesday to Saturday and they enable foreign tourists to understand more about the traditional pearl diving industry during Dubai holidays.

The Jumeirah Beach hotel is one of the Jumeirah Groups most luxurious Dubai hotels with 598 elegant rooms and suites and 19 beachfront villas.

Guests can take advantage of facilities and activities including 20 gourmet restaurants and stylish bars that offer a wide selection of international cuisine and premium drinks; sailing trips and snorkelling and scuba diving adventures at the Pavilion Marina & Sports Club; complimentary access to the Wild

May 23

Booking Hotel Rooms – Top 6 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Stay

Regardless of what people may tell you, it doesn’t cost a fortune to stay in a four-star hotel. With a little effort you can find great deals on almost any hotel. Use the tips below when planning your next getaway and you will find yourself staying in luxury for less.

The Internet is Your Friend

There are many websites now that find the latest and greatest deals and promotions based on your search criteria. With a few simple clicks you can compare prices online to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Make sure to take advantage of this convenience even if it’s only for peace of mind that you are already getting a good deal. You’d surprised at the prices you find.

Use Coupons

You can almost always find some sort of savings through the use of coupons. Just like I said above, “the internet is your friend”. Also, there are often times hidden discounts. Being a member of certain automobile organizations or retiree associations may entitle you to discounts that you are unaware of. Furthermore, check out the websites of some of the hotels where you plan to visit. You can usually find special deals that are only advertised on their website.

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

If you have a fondness of a particular chain of hotels you should find out if they have a rewards program and sign up for it. While it might not save you money on your first trip it definitely will on future reservations. There are many perks that hotels offer their rewards members. You can get a free night’s stay, free meals, free room upgrades, free internet, and even later check out times.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Upgrades/Freebies

If a hotel has vacancies you can often get certain upgrades and amenities free just by simply asking

May 22

Top Hotel Management Interview Questions

Hotel management refers to planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services. It is a branch of management which deals with administrating a business that provides lodging, meals and other services to the customers. It includes hotel administration, accounts, marketing, housekeeping, front office, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance.

An interview is a recruitment process in which a potential interviewer asks questions from a prospective candidate. Given below are some common interview questions that come up again and again during interviews for this post.

1. According to you what is a hotel management?
Well, according to me hotel management refers to specialized management techniques used in the hospitality sector. It includes hotel administration, accounts, marketing, housekeeping, front office, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance.

2. Please elaborate about the skills and qualifications that are required for this post?
Since a job in hotel management has much to do with keeping customers happy thus people who are at this post must hold outstanding communicational, organizational and interpersonal skills. They should be excellent in computer and must know different foreign languages. A good hotel management employee must be able to work successfully in team as well as individual work environment.

3. What is a dream job for you?
For me work surroundings and level of responsibility is most important. I would like to work in a fun, warm environment where individual works independently towards attaining team goals. I am not concerned about minor elements, such as dress codes, cubicles, and the level of formality.

4. If there is any angry and irate customers. How do you handle him or her?
Well, dealing with all types of customers is part of my job. I am a very chill and composed person so I

May 22

Choosing The Best Luxury Hotel UK For You

United Kingdom offers a wide range of luxury hotel accommodation, all of which are offering different types of superb facilities that will surely satisfy your longing for an exquisite English Life.

For those who want to spend a holiday vacation in a dynamic city London is the best place to visit. This city is a home to many luxurious hotels such as the Baglioni Hotel London, which is a deluxe 5-star hotel that offers great Italian hospitality and luxurious amenities which includes a fitness centre, a spa, chauffer-driven car and even your personal butler. There is also the Lanesborough which is ideally located opposite the Hydes Park and near the famous Knightsbridge; they also offer different world-class services like the butler service, concierge service, car service and many others.

The city of Edinburgh is another city that is a popular attraction to tourists. There are a number of great luxury hotels UK that can be found here. Some of it is the Balmoral hotel which is a one of a kind contemporary hotel that offers 188 luxurious suites and stylish rooms they also offer, delectable cuisines for their guests. The Howard hotel is another hotel that can be found in this city, it is a discrete 5-star luxury hotel that offers great accommodation and is also home to The Atholl, a world class luxury restaurant that offers delectable cuisines. There are also a number of luxurious inns and apartments that can be found in the city.

The city of Belfast, famous for its Victorian and Edwardian Heritage is also a home to some of the finest Luxury Hotels UK. There is the famous Merchant Hotel that offers great facilities and superb accommodation hat will surely make you feel comfortable and delightful.

All the Luxury Hotels UK are

May 20

Tips To Buy Js Boutique Dresses

When someone goes in for JS boutique dresses, it usually is because of the high quality and wide selection that one might be able to stumble upon. Hence, you might be wondering about going in for one yourself, or maybe even to gift to someone special. However, this might not be possible if you take into account all the different things that go into these dresses. Some common areas of concern include the price tag and also availability. If everything works out like how it is supposed to, then you shouldn’t really be too worried about getting what you want.

Setting a Budget

The best part about going in for JS boutique dresses is that you have quite a wide price range to pick from. Hence, you don’t have to be dejected if you don’t get what you want at first. Eventually, you should find it relatively simple and straightforward to get exactly what you set out for. Browse through the catalog and get a feel of the options for yourself to decide on what it is that you would probably want to go in for. This should also give you a good idea about the price and what to expect when you do pick something.

Deciding Where to Buy

Once you have the price in mind, the next thing of concern would probably have to be regarding where to buy these things. This shouldn’t be a problem either, since you have multiple options to pick from in this regard as well. One of the most common places that people tend to go to would be the internet. There are online stores that are dedicated in providing quality JS boutique dresses at very affordable prices. You should perhaps go in for one of these options if you intend to save

May 19

Boutique Hotels Perfect For the Whole Family

Boutique hotels aren’t just designed for wealthy couples or adults only. Many boutique hotels welcome children and families.

Should families be excluded from the boutique hotels experience? Many hotels in this sector think not, and happily open their doors to families with children of all ages, providing a range of services and facilities to suit this market. For many families, the size and location of these hotels is perfect for a family holiday, and allows their children to experience great design, service and cuisine from an early age.

Beach holidays

What child doesn’t want to go on a beach holiday? Yet what parent doesn’t want a bit of sophistication and style when it comes to spending time near the sea? Boutique accommodation in some of the world’s most attractive beach resorts can cater for children, allowing them to enjoy the simple pleasures of the sand and sea, whilst parents can enjoy the best food, thoughtful beach accessories and rooms that are designed to bring the outdoors in. Examples of these hotels include the Beach House in Marbella, the Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites in Crete, the JK Place Capri in Italy and the Villa Floriana in Croatia.

City trips

Taking the family to see some of the most famous sights in the world is usually a good reason for a city break. European cities like London, Seville, Vienna, Paris and Rome are all full of exciting things to do, no matter what age your children. Museums, art galleries, boat excursions, theatre trips, adventure parks – a city break can encompass all of these and a boutique hotel is a great place to relax at the end of a hard day’s sightseeing. Great service means that your children can get a glass of milk or a

May 17

Mortgages In Australia How To Borrow A Home Loan At A Low Interest Rate

Faced with the difficulties in getting quick home loan approvals, people rush to finance companies. A finance broker can arrange a home loan on competitveterms but one needs to be careful while dealing with finance groups. You are looking for mortgages in Australia and you have already applied to several banks for loans but you are not getting positive response from the any bank. In this situation, a broker could help but you need to be choosey in selecting the right broker.

An ideal finance manager would never charge you a fee as he would get commission from the lending institutions. In your case, it is the bank that would give commission to the broker for making you its client. There are many banks and financial institutions that lend money to home buyers. You might find the contact details of all the banks on the web but you are no match for an experienced broker, when it comes to negotiating home loans with banks.

A finance firm understands the rules and guidelines that regulate the mortgage industry. Second thing is trust. Banks trust finance firms and they rely on the findings of the finance firms. Your finance manager would lodgeyour application to a bank and the manager would pursue the bank to provide you a home loan on competitive rates. You might be a good property manager and you might find mortgages in Australia on the web but you cant negotiate a deal with certain banks and private lenders.

There are many finance firms that offer help in getting a home loan but you should do business with the firms that are well aware about the rules of the home loan industry. You should know that every bank has a different interest rate and different rules for giving out home

May 10

France, Paris Travel Guide

When looking into going to Paris, there are many places to see and lots of things that can be done while in Paris. You can look up all the places you want to see and make a check list or you can use a Paris Vacation Package, either way you will find plenty to do in Paris while you are there.

There is the Paris Island Vacation Package, where the package will include the hotel stay, travel to get there, most of your meals and all your activities you want to do while on the island. Where you can stay on the beach and visit all the different local attractions on the Island. These packages will cost a little more than you probably want to spend, but they nearly include everything you will need while you are in France.

There are many museums to visit while in Paris such as the Musee D’Orsay which has the largest collection of impressionist paintings you will find under one roof. Then there is the Rodin Museum which house the “Thinker”, all of these places will be awesome to see while in Paris and a must on your to do list.

There are over forty million places to eat while you’re staying in Paris. Some of the most famous restaurants you will want to visit are the Gourmet Restaurant, the French Bistrots, and many of the cafes you will find along the streets of Paris. You will not want to miss out on these places to eat because they have beauty and the history of France in them.

When looking for a place to stay in Paris you will have plenty of places to pick from because there are over one thousand and four hundred and fifty places to stay. You will find cheap hotels all the way

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