Feb 21

Ocho Tulum Boutique Hotel Owners File Lawsuit In Mexican Federal Court Over Seizure In December

A favorite destination of New York Times travel editors in Tulum, Mexico is closed to tourism for the holidays as U.S. owners file lawsuit over rightful ownership

Denver, Colo. January 7, 2010 — Denverite Ken Wolf, principal investor in Ocho Tulum, a 22-room boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico, filed a lawsuit in the Mexican Federal Courts on Dec. 22, 2009. According to Mexican attorneys for Wolf, Teresa Jimenez and Octavio Guitierrez, Case 1939/09 to determine rightful ownership of the property seized by the Garza Ponce family of Monterrey, Mexico will be heard by Federal Judge Arturo Escobedo Ramirez in Quintana Roo.

The filing follows the seizure of the hotel on Dec. 1, 2009, when Mexican state police invaded Ocho Tulum, wearing flak jackets and brandishing automatic weapons, flushing guests and workers from the property. According to Teresa Jimenez, neither Wolf nor her firm received advance notice of the seizure. Jimenez says she was called to Ocho Tulum as the seizure was underway, and reports that she arrived on site with documentation that the land is properly titled to Kaya’s Maya Resort, with a lease allowing Ocho Tulum to operate its hotel, restaurant, spa and yoga center on the property. Uniformed police loaded the contents of the hotel onto two waiting semis before barricading the property with barbed wire.

Guests at Ocho Tulum found their holidays on this, one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of powdered sugar beach, cut short. The $5 million resort sits empty since the seizure.

Until this seizure, Ocho Tulum ranked as one of the Top Two destinations on Trip Advisor for Tulum. The 2-year-old hotel was featured in the New York Times Travel Section on Aug. 9, 2009 as a destination not to miss. To read the New York Times review of

Feb 21

Features Of Online Business Directory Of Melbourne And Sydney

The business directory of melbourne is such that is internationally acclaimed. The directory has a large number of members doing business all over the world. The directory is connecting the world members to enrich and expand their business opportunities. The melbourne business directory gets all the details of various business personnel who are and who become their members. The directory gives out the details of the activities and services of the members among themselves. This contact and other details enable the members to improve the business and increase the financial status. The directory helps the members with various vital offers in their multifarious business field. In this context they ask all the members to extend support among themselves for their business rise and establishment.

Roles of sydney business directory

Searching everything from real estate to car traders to shopping in almost all your daily commodities, the business directory of sydney plays an important role. You can browse everything at your fingertips. Not only names we can get an address, numbers and other valuable information about the company. For choosing the right company, according to our need, we need something that acts as a dictionary. This directory provides information in details. The directory always keeps track of thousands of the finest companies to help the business community of sydney. Even many business companies approach these directories to feature their company.

Importance of melbourne directory

The melbourne business directory includes maps that will help to locate the place and is basically a mini guide that can help us in our times of need. Customers can find local businesses and complete their jobs. They get the chance of deciding what they want based on their needs. The directory is growing every day and adding several new members in their data. Several new

Feb 20

New Cuba Hotels To Open 25,000 New Rooms In 2020

Recent government sources from the island have unveiled the countrys intention to build a further 24,000 hotel rooms in order to keep up with growing demand from increasing tourism to the island. With the popularity of Cuba holidays increasing rapidly every year the island has experienced a boom in tourism arrivals, with tourism figures growing every year.

In 2011 the island welcomed around 700,000 more visitors indicating a substantial growth of 7.3 per cent more travellers enjoying holidays in Cuba last year. This figure is expected to keep growing in 2012 and see further growth in the coming years. In addition to the regular tourism markets in Europe and Canada responsible for sending the largest number of tourists to the island, other source markets are emerging, with Russian and South American travellers now leading the way for growth. To cope with the expected ongoing growth the islands tourist infrastructure needs to expand considerably and it is for this reason that tourism officials have decided to start construction plans on new Cuba hotels in order to cater for the increased flow of tourists arriving to the island.

Cubas Vice Minister of Tourism, Alexis Trujillo, has confirmed that the building of these new hotel rooms is being funded by foreign and Cuban investment. He also confirmed that the island plans to increase the diversity of Cubas tourism product with the 13 new golf courses planned, all of which are in different stages of negotiation talks at the moment, as are the construction of new theme parks to spring up around the whole island.

Regarding foreign investment, Mr Trujillo explained that of the currently existing 58,000 hotel rooms in Cuba, 6000 belong to 30 companies of mixed ownership (divided ownership between Cuban capital and foreign capital) and they await further Cuba hotels to

Feb 20

Websites Plus – Serving the online marketing needs of Australia since 2002

When it comes to having a successful business these days, the most important thing that leads to it is marketing. No matter how good your products are, you will not make enough profit if the marketing strategy is not right. For example, if you have a website but it is not well optimized to be seen on the front page of search results, there is not point having it at all. Therefore, just having a website is simply not enough. It has to be designed and regulated in a manner that would bring more attention to your business. One company that can do it for you is Websites Plus. Located in Shepparton, this company was established 11 years ago to help businesses in Australia make their existence felt on the internet.

A venture of some of the most talented and experienced web designers of Australia, Websites Plus provides a wide range of services that make your website a hit among the potential clients. From designing your website and launching it on the internet to promoting it and maintaining its content, this company covers your internet marketing from soup to nuts. Not just that, it also offers social media marketing service. The widespread usage of social media platforms is not hidden from anybody. Websites Plus makes sure that your business is present there as well. The best thing about the company is that it custom designs the website for each of its clients. The customers get a unique online identity in this manner that is completely different from others.

You can also get an online store designed by Websites Plus. The company offers a number of services that make your store an easy to use and shop option. From Powerful online shopping cart that’s easy to use and Easy

Feb 19

New Years Eve In A Melbourne Hotel

Although Melbourne doesnt have Sydneys spectacular harbour as a backdrop, the New Years Eve celebrations rival Sydneys in their size and organisation. Melbourne is host to the free Family Festival along with Midnight fireworks and a variety of other free events and entertainment.

The Family Festival is held at Yarra Park (the MCG) between 6pm and 9.45pm and is aimed specifically at families with young children. The festival includes carnival rides, roving performers, childrens workshops and activities along with a live show on the main stage featuring well known Australian performers. Visitors are encouraged to bring along a picnic dinner and relax on the grass while enjoying the celebrations around them. The evening concludes with a countdown to the spectacular 9.15pm family fireworks display. Book some nearby Melbourne accommodation, take the kids back to bed and watch the midnight fireworks from your balcony.

The main event is of course the midnight fireworks display that runs from the top of the Melbourne CBD to the docklands and can be viewed from anywhere with a good view of the city skyline. Alexandra Gardens and Birrarung Marr are the two main outdoor venues for the evenings celebrations and both offer great vantage points to view the midnight fireworks. Entertainment will be provided throughout the night at both venues with a host of home grown acts. The line up for the evening will be unveiled closer to the night with something for everyone. Both venues are near to a range of Melbourne accommodation including several luxury Melbourne hotels, though booking early is essential as many Melbourne hotels book out months in advance.

Federation Square is another popular destination for New Years Eve and hosts a free night of entertainment and cool beats. The free event boasts an eclectic collection of local talent with

Feb 16

Sophisticated online fashion boutique offers the ultimate in luxurious glamour

For many women, sticking with the latest fashion trends, whilst still maintaining a sense of style individually is an act of femininity passed timelessly from generation to generation. Nowadays, the media scrutiny of the female appearance is more prominent than ever before, leading many women to styles perceived in a more positive light by the press, such as Arrogant cat, Almost famous and Bolongaro Trevor. Fashions of leading celebrity figures are highly desirable and amongst those mimicked most by the public. Eternal Envy Boutique is an online fashion facility with a range of items so unashamedly glamorous that many would not look out of sorts in top A-List celebrity shops.

Eternal Envy has diligently hand selected a range of top independent designers from around the globe, from Arrogant Cat , Traffic People to Bolongaro Trevor, ensuring an eclectic clothing range never seen before. Styles vary dramatically from designer to designer, and with sizes up to 16, women of any shape or size will have a look of elegance, through perfectly tailored and fitted items. The compact and concise layout of the site makes window shopping online a pleasurable experience. There are clearly defined clothing and accessory sections, featuring everything from handbags to formal cocktail dresses. Under the collections tab it is possible to browse clothing by individual designers, whilst the search facility provides the option of finding a specific item directly, such as Almost Famous fashion items.

The funky items chosen by Eternal Envy are the brainchild of many of the extravert designer brands and include names like Bolongaro Trevor , that have become synonymous with style. These eccentric names and designs have been a real hit with some of the top celebs and retail stores around the world, including Selfridges in London. Each

Feb 15

Better options for Indian students to study in Australia

Chandigarh, April 21: Australia’s leading provider of high-level vocational and technical education, Southbank Institute of Technology, has launched the -Pathway to Uni’ programme to help the aspiring students to gain assured entry to some of the leading universities in Australia. Dr. Pim Borren, CEO of Southbank Institute, who is in India informed that the Pathway to University programme provides practical work-ready skills in wide range of courses to enable students to get entry to four universities of Australia. Getting directly into these universities at times is a difficult proposition, however for bonafide students Pathway programme’s helps students after plus-two to join the diploma programme and then enter the University ending up with two recognized qualifications. This gives the students an edge over others, Dr. Borren informed. There are over 114 different diploma programmes and 160 pathway opportunities available to the students, he added. Last year the Institute had 21,450 students with approximately 10 percent from overseas in its world-class campus situated in the heart of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, he said. Under the recently announced Streamline Visa Processing policy, India is under high-risk category but for the bonafide and serious students, Southbank Institute provides excellent opportunity to gain entry into a leading university. The diploma earned at Southbank provides credit towards the degree study which would mean less time and money spent at the university. Dr. Borren informed that formal agreements are in place with many universities for credit towards a degree that relates to the diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree you complete. Depending on the course and university, this credit can be as much as a year of the degree. There is another option for a student to include advanced English prepratory programs to their chosen study pathway. Southbank have an extensive English Language school on

Feb 13

Sofitel Opens New Thalassotherapy Spa Hotel In Agadir, Morocco

Sofitel Luxury Hotels has added a new property to its portfolio of luxury hotels with the opening of the new Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa in Morocco.

The new 174-room property is focused on providing well-being experiences and pampering Morocco holidays for tourists and features a thalassotherapy institute that can help guests enjoy a healthy detox experience.

The five-star hotel has its own private beach on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and visitors can enjoy contemporary accommodation and high end facilities throughout their stay.

The spacious guest rooms and suites offer private furnished terraces and balconies with views overlooking the pool or ocean; modern amenities including TVs, Wi-Fi, in-room safe, mini-bar, air conditioning, and hairdryer; and bathrooms with colour-therapy showers and L’Occitane complimentary bath products.

Tourists booking holidays in Morocco at the hotel will be able to enjoy a wide range of nourishing marine and seawater treatments at The Institute and the spa, using a combination of ancient Moroccan traditions and high-tech advances.

The facility offers a fitness centre, Hammam, Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor heated pools, sauna, thermal baths and thalassotherapy
The thalassotherapy services include 16 booths where guests can enjoy massages with Argan oil and other essential oils.

Robert Gaymer Jones, the CEO of Sofitel Worldwide, commented: I am delighted to welcome this new flagship hotel to our network of Sofitel Thalassa Sea & Spa establishments.

The Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa offers the best of todays thalassotherapy treatments, paired with Sofitels inimitable standards and is incontestably the new well-being reference in Morocco.

During their soothing and detoxifying holidays to Morocco, holidaymakers can dine in the hotels three gourmet restaurants: L’Atlantique with its choice of fresh seafood; Le Market which offers international dishes with seasonal produce and an outdoor terrace; or Le Palais Du

Feb 12

The Real Score About Yor Health Australia

Recently, there is some news about YOR Health Australia saying that the company is a scam. However, especially in the internet, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in the digital age. Searching for the real truth about something in the internet is like finding a needle in the haystack. Indeed it is easy to look for something online and accept them as truth. Nonetheless, one should be careful in believing something as truth because in the internet, it is quite difficult to decipher which kind of information are coming from credible and trustworthy sources.

The issue about YOR Health Australia is absolutely not a pyramid scheme. While pyramid schemes are illegal, YOR company is a direct seller, multi-level marketer or a network marketer. These terms are usually misused and often related to scams and fraudulent business. The company actually operates using the four basic methods in marketing products which include retailing, multi-level marketing, referral to friends and families and direct sales. These methods of moving products are actually legit since it only essentially requires chains of recruitments and consumptions to purport income.

YOR Health Difference is a patent protected nutrition delivery system (NDS) that is employed by this company in order to make sure that the products they sell are all effective and of great quality. A patent is actually an intellectual property right that is granted by a government to an inventor who has done something remarkable and very unique. Thereby, patents, as a matter of fact, encourage ingenuity and creativity. The NDS is product of YOR’s years of research and development in order to deliver the finest products to the customers.

If one visits the company’s website at supergreencentre, one will find plenty of testimonials about the efficacy of the products produced by YOR. Many men

Feb 10

DRR245 DIN Rail Converter & Controller from Ucontrol Australia

Ucontrol Pty Australia sales have grown from strength to strength with their universal DIN rail controller, the Pixsys DRR245.

This has to be the most functionally capable DIN rail controller in this cost bracket. The DRR245 can be used not only as a DIN rail closed loop temperature or process controller but also as a DIN rail signal converter, a DIN rail isolator, a signal to Modbus RTU RS485 serial converter, or a trip amplifier. The mounting is a standard 35 mm top hat EN 50022 DIN rail or an option of IP66 field mount enclosure is available. There is only one model number and this can be user programmed for all the aforementioned applications via frontal keypad, via PC using labsoft view programme software or by battery powered memory card. The DRR245 DIN rail controller has a simple password protected programme menu with a single list of english abbreviated prompts. The programme structure is identical to all the panel mount Pixsys process and temperature controllers.

Having a 2 line LED digital display, entry of programme & alarm parameters is specific and error free unlike traditional methods of parameter entry using pots and trimmers.

The DRR245 DIN rail controller has been redesigned and enhanced offering 3 way galvanic isolation. Technically the DRR245 is very versatile, it has a universal programmable input for up to 19 sensors including resistance, NTC & PTC thermistors, thermocouple, PT1000, PT100, current 4-20 mA, voltage 0-10V & mV ranges etc. The DRR245 DIN rail controller has 2 x 5A, form C, relay outputs and a single SSR, 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue output. All of which can be configured for control or alarms. If not used for process or temperature control the 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue output is available for retransmission of

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